Awards for Graduate Students in Folklore

The Jack Leggett Folklore Award


The Jack Leggett Folklore Award provides funds to one or more graduate students in Folklore to defray the cost of traveling to and attending the American Folklore Society's (AFS) annual conference. During the review of the graduate students' conference proposals, the Folklore faculty will select at least one student to receive the award.  More than one student may be selected at the discretion of the faculty.  The faculty will select the student(s) who submit the most promising proposal(s) and who would benefit the most from the AFS conference experiences.  A student may receive the award more than once during his or her graduate career.

Students who plan to apply for the award should submit their AFS abstracts and a one-page statement that details how their participation at the meeting will fulfill their educational goals.  Award recipients will be announced at the English Department Award Ceremony.

The Jack Leggett Award is made possible by a gift from Lynn Leggett, a 2009 graduate of the M.A. Program in Folklore in honor of her late father, Jack Leggett.

For more information contact Prof. Debra Lattanzi Shutika