Graduate Course Sequence

How long will this program take me?

Sample Full-Time MA Folklore Concentration Course Sequence

Sample Part-Time MA Folklore Concentration Course Sequence

Students who choose to enroll full time in the MA program can complete the degree in two years. Those who wish to enroll part time in the MA program may take up to six years to complete the program. The certificate program may be completed in as short as two semesters. All course work must be completed within six years. Specific degree timelines should be discussed with a student's academic advisor. 

MA/Certificate Advising Sheet 

The following documents should be used to plan your specific course plan:

MA Advising Sheet

Certificate Advising Sheet 

Arts Management Electives

Students interested in careers in cultural heritage management may take up to six elective credits in Mason’s Arts Management Program. Students may choose from:

AMGT 504: Professional Development Arts Management (1 credit)

AMGT 511: Introduction to Grantwriting (1 credit) OR AMGT 512: Grantwriting in the Arts (1 credit)

AMGT 513: Technology in the Arts (1 credit)

AMGT 601: Fund Raising/Development I (3 credits)

AMGT 604: Public Relations and Marketing Strategies for the Arts I (3 credits)

AMGT 704: Finance and Budgeting for Arts I (3 credits)

Or other AMGT courses with approval of graduate director