All Degrees and Certificates

Concentration in Folklore in the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

The MA in interdisciplinary studies concentration in folklore enables students to explore the processes of tradition that move through multiple expressive forms, such as folktales, folk beliefs, folk medicine, folk art, folksong, and literature. Interdisciplinary by nature, folklore thrives on local particularities as well as compelling global connections.  

Graduate Certificate

This certificate prepares students for careers in cultural agencies, governmental organizations, and teaching institutions, and advanced study in the humanities.

Folklore and Mythology in the BA in English

This concentration offers students the opportunity to study oral literature and traditional artifacts in their historical, cultural and performance contexts. Study in folklore addresses secular tales, songs, proverbs, jokes and material culture items as they are performed within and among cultural groups. Mythology explores the texts of the sacred, of the creation, initiation, transformation and destruction of a people. Courses also address the study of folklore and mythology in literature.

Minor in Folklore and Mythology

Stories told in both sacred and secular contexts, along with festivals, foods, music, material objects, and other traditional art forms continue to influence our lives. The minor in folklore and mythology offers students the tools with which to explore the meanings within these seemingly simple, everyday cultural texts and to become more aware of the ways these texts are used by both individuals and institutions for a variety of goals.