College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Rotation of Folklore Courses

The usual rotation of folklore, mythology, and ethnography courses in the Department of English:

Courses Taught Every Year

ENGH 315

Folklore of the Americas : several sections a year (Lattanzi Shutika,Fraser)

ENGH 387
Writing Ethnography: one section a year (Lattanzi Shutika)

ENGH 337
Special Topics in Mythology and Literature: one section a year (Rutledge, Lattanzi Shutika)

ENGH 412
Special Topics in Folklore: Gender, Latin American Folklore, Appalachian Folklore, and more: at least one section a year (Lattanzi Shutika, Fraser)

ENGH 591
Special Topics in Folklore: Traditional Narrative and Storytelling, Bodylore, Sense of Place, and more: one section a year (graduate level, with undergraduates admitted by permission of instructor) (Lattanzi Shutika, Fraser)

Courses Usually Taught Every Two Years

ENGH 480 / ENGL 591
Folklore of the Spirit World: Tales of Ghosts and Fairies (Yocom)

ENGH 481 / ENGL 591
Folk Arts, Folk Artists (Yocom)

Courses Usually Taught Every Three Years                                                                                                                                                                  

ENGH 591
Living Words: Folklore and Creative Writing (Yocom)

ENGH 591
Traditional Ballads (Yocom, Tichy)

ENGH 591
Cultural Tourism (Fraser)

ENGH 681
Pathways to Folklore Scholarship (Lattanzi Shutika)

ENGH 681
Sense of Place (Lattanzi Shutika)

ENGH 681
Bodylore (Lattanzi Shutika)

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