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Documenting Sources and Citing References

Documenting Sources and Citing References

We recommend keeping a hard copy of a style guide such as A Writer's Reference, by Diana Hacker (online at, on hand as you write to check the formatting of your source documentation and citations. All undergraduates as well as graduate students in programs other than Folklore may use any documentation style they prefer: MLA, APA, Chicago (Notes), Chicago (Author-Date). All but the last option appear in A Writer's Reference. For graduate students in Folklore, we recommend that you use the Journal of American Folklore (JAF) styles, which generally follow the 14th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style's Author-Date system. Close examination of the most current issue of JAF (available online on Project Muse) provides a helpful model for correct JAF style and form.

Here are some online resources for citing references and documenting sources, particularly interviews, using the Chicago Style Author-Date System:


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