College of Humanities and Social Sciences


The MAIS is for students who seek a master’s degree that integrates knowledge from several disciplines. It addresses the rapidly evolving demand for unique graduate study by promoting advanced scholarship that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Applicants must show a capacity for original thought in cross disciplinary research. There may be additional skills required of students applying to specific concentrations. Students will be admitted only if the program can assign to them a faculty advisor appropriate for the intended course of study.

Students can pursue one of the structured interdisciplinary concentrations to the right. They include the opportunity for students to design an individualized concentration to meet the special needs of their careers.

An accelerated master’s option in selected concentrations is available to students in any/selected bachelor’s program. See Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Programs for listings and specific requirements.

Degree Requirements (Catalog Year 2014-2015)

In addition to meeting the following requirements for this degree, students must meet the university requirements for all master's degrees.

Students pursuing this degree must successfully complete 36 credits of graduate course work in one of the concentrations to the right. Students must submit a curriculum worksheet that has been approved by their faculty adviser and the director. 

Courses applied to the degree are subject to the following restrictions: a maximum of 6 credits may be earned through independent study or directed readings and research courses; a maximum of 6 credits may be taken through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area; a maximum of 15 credits may be transfer credits; a maximum of 6 of the transfer credits may be from other accredited institutions.

Transfer credits include credits taken before first enrolling as an admitted degree-seeking student (at another institution, in another Mason graduate program, or in Mason nondegree status) or credits taken at another institution after admission to the degree program through study abroad or study elsewhere (which requires prior written approval of the director and the dean). Additional information may be found in the Academic Policies section of the catalog.

All students complete their work in the program with a project or thesis. Students are required to take MAIS 796 MAIS ProSeminar (1 credit), MAIS 797 Interdisciplinary Studies Proposal (1 credit)  and either MAIS 798 Interdisciplinary Studies Project (1-4 credits) or MAIS 799 Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis (3-4 credits). Students electing to complete the concentration in community college teaching with a thesis will complete 38 credits.

Total: 36 Credits

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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