College of Humanities and Social Sciences


This concentration prepares individuals for administrative and leadership positions in colleges and universities, associations, and government agencies whose activities affect higher education. Within the concentration, students may choose to emphasize administration or student affairs.

Degree Requirements (Catalog Year 2014-2015)

One required course of proseminar (1 credit)

MAIS 796 - MAIS ProSeminar Credits: 1

Four core courses (12 credits)

One course (3 credits) chosen from:

CTCH 601 - The Community College Credits: 3
CTCH 621
- Higher Education in the United States Credits: 3

Three additional core courses (9 credits)

Students choose relevant courses in consultation with an advisor.

One course (3 credits) of research methodology

One course (3 credits) of specialization

CTCH 622 - Organization and Administration in Higher Education Credits: 3 or CTCH 644 - Student Services in Higher Education Credits: 3

Three to four elective courses (9-12 credits)

Students choose electives in consultation with their advisor. The number of elective credits will vary depending on the number of project credits.

Practicum (3 credits)

CTCH 685 - Practicum Credits: 3

Proposal (1 credit)

MAIS 797 - Interdisciplinary Studies Proposal Credits: 1

Project (1 to 4 credits) or thesis (4 credits)

MAIS 798 - Interdisciplinary Studies Project Credits: 1-5 (minimum of 1 credit) or MAIS 799 - Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis Credits: 1-5 (take 4 credits)

Total: 36 Credits

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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