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Angela Jean Hattery

Angela Jean Hattery

Angela Jean Hattery


Gender, race,inequality, intersections of inequalities, intimate partner violence, incarceration, families

Professor Angela J. Hattery, George Mason University (BA Carleton College, PHD University of Wisconsin-Madison) is a sociologist and serves as the Director of the Women & Gender Studies Program at George Mason University. Her research focuses on social stratification, gender, family, and race. She is the author of numerous articles, book chapters, and books, including The Social Dynamics of Family Violence (2012), Prisoner Reentry and Social Capital (2010), Interracial Intimacies (2009); Interracial Relationships (2009); Intimate Partner Violence (2008); African American Families (2007) and Women, Work, and Family (2001).  She teaches classes in gender and sexuality, intersections of race, class and gender, gender based violence and feminist methods. Dr. Hattery also serves as the advisor to graduate students.  

Current Research

My current research is focused on examining the state of the African American community and African American Families in "post-racial," post-Obama America.

Selected Publications

The Social Dynamics of Family Violence (Westview, Spring 2012)

Cultural Contradictions in the South (Mississippi Quarterly, 2011)

Prisoner Re-entry and Social Capital, the long road to reintegration (Lexington Books, 2010)

Interracial Intimacies:  An examination of powerful men and their relationships across the color line (Carolina Academic Press, 2009)

Interracial Relationships in the 21st Century (ed) (Carolina Academic Press, 2009)

Intimate Partner Violence (Rowman & Littlefield, 2008)

Race, Human Rights and Inequality (ed) (Rowman & Littlefield 2008)

African American Families (Sage, 2007)

Women, Work and Family:  Balancing and Weaving (Sage, 2001)

Courses Taught

WMST 100, WMST special topics