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The Folkways of Scotland Visit GMU

Alan Reid and Rob van Sante headline Hylton in the Highlands, plus a performance of "The Adventures of John Paul Jones" at George Mason's Fairfax Campus; Dr. Joy Fraser presents "Haggis-Fed Rustics?: Images of Scottishness and the Story of Scotland’s National Dish," based on research from her current book project on the cultural history of haggis.

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Afs photo

Mason Folklore at AFS 2014, Santa Fe

Every fall, the American Folklore Society (AFS) holds its annual conference in a different city, attracting Folklore scholars and enthusiasts the world over. This year, November 5-8, the conference was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the George Mason Folklore program, represented by students, faculty, and alumni, made a brilliant showing.

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American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in Santa Fe

We would like to celebrate the success of Kim Stryker from MAIS! Kim's concentration is in Folklore Studies. Kim was awarded travel funds by the Graduate Student Travel Fund to present her thesis work with Fauquier County small family farms on November 5-9, 2014 in Santa Fe, NM. Follow the link to learn more about the American Folklore Society.

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Spooky Stories! Open Mic on October 28

As the seasons wane, and the veils between this world and the other begin to lift, there is no spookier a time for telling spooky stories than October. We all have them, at least one or two, secondhand or even third... Some have grown up listening to spooky stories passed down for many generations, and some have spent sleepless nights concocting spooky stories of their own, stories that none have heard before.

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